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Is Beeswax Better Than Other Waxes?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

I’d like to start by thanking everyone for their support in 2020. It really was a crazy year! While I initially enjoyed a little bit of down time in the beginning, things really ramped up and people were definitely shopping online. Thank you for your continued support!

I especially want to thank my Marketing Director - Ashleyanne Harbaugh. She works behind the scenes to keep my website and emails flowing. I get tons of compliments on the professional look and content. She is even my Photographer! Thanks Ashley for keeping Primitive Pansies fresh and up to date.

I also received my annual delivery of Beeswax in December. This stuff is like GOLD to me. 2020 was a good year for the bees (such great news!) as I got a little more wax than my usual order… and that is just fine with me! Without this gift from the bees, I am out of business. Thank you again to Van CalCar Apiaries and of course to the real star of the show, THE BEES!

I get a couple of questions frequently about Beeswax:

“Why is beeswax so great?”

“Why is beeswax better than other waxes?”

Here is what I know… Beside the fact that these tiny little magnificent creatures seem to pull it out of thin air, beeswax neutralizes pollens and pollutants in the air. When you light a beeswax candle, it gives off negative ions. These negative ions will attach to positive ions such a dust, pollen, mold, odors, etc., and together they’ll fall down to the ground because they become too heavy to float. So in essence, beeswax is a kind of natural air purifier. So cool, huh!?

So what about Beeswax VS. Soy Wax or Paraffin (what most store bought candles are made of)? Soy Wax is another natural wax that is made from hydrogenated soybean oil. This wax also acts as a natural air purifier as it emits negative ions. Paraffin wax is a petroleum byproduct. There are no air purifying effects to paraffin wax candles, and conversely they actually emit carcinogens that are linked to serious respiratory health conditions.

One of my favorite things about Beeswax is that it has such a high melting point compared to other waxes, this significantly increases its burn time. AND can we just appreciate for a moment the rich, golden hue of the honey colored wax. Bees really are incredible!

Now, I am no wax expert but I do love the science behind all of it. When I am in my studio making candles and soap, it is a craft of science meets art, and I love that! During late winter you’ll find me in my shop cleaning up from the crazy busy season, restocking the soap supply, and regrouping/envisioning the year ahead. I have a couple of amazing new products in the works this year so stay tuned!

Thank you again to everyone for your continued support! I have been making soap for 22 years and candles for 21… and now I am pondering where the time has gone!?

Stay healthy and take care!


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